This newsletter is a simple and lightweight, covering what PMs need with clear examples and templates. Take any and try to use it in the real world to solve your product problems.

Why this newsletter?

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Google is broken for PMs trying to find high quality, actionable content.

You don’t have the time and tenacity to wade through the rabbit hole of SEO optimized marketing content or conflicting information and advice.

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Yet, you want to learn and improve, but don't have time to juggle a demanding job and take a 6 week course.

As a former Head of Product, I spend the time researching and crafting the needed practical and actionable, guidance for you. But I don’t just write base on my own experience. I’ve interviewed CPOs like Dashlane Alexis Fogel and have been instructed by Marty Cagan, Brian Balfour @ Reforge, Terresa Torres @ Product Talk, C. Todd Lombardo for @Design Sprint, and OnDeck handle product. You can find my articles published on towarddatascience and mindtheproduct.

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Elements of Product Management: Articles and templates for PMs between 2- 7 years @ startups to get shit done.