I love this article, this is exactly what I come across and sometimes it's difficult to prioritize as it depends on who is taking the decision. I liked the Decision Making illustration. I think the more you understand the prioritization decision owner the more you know if we are going on the right path towards our vision and goal. More Collaborative decision-making makes it more reliable for achieving not only our goals but goals for the organization. Obviously depending on the company and role you are on, decision-making varies but our goals should be to make it more collaborative

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I want to say I agree, meaning I'd like to say I agree with you that "more collaborative" decision-making is better.

However, I don't think I can agree with the statement that "More Collaborative decision-making" is better, certainly not always better.

There's pros-cons to either side ... but it's more than just pro/cons. I think at different stages of the company, with different people, any of the ones in the spectrum can work.

Problems usually occur when people didn't sign up for one type of decision-making or the company is transitioning from one style to another (typically when you people are hired, change). It's during this "people growth" periods where problems are the worst.

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